Time Magazine Visits Action Factory

Time Magazine Visits Action Factory

Mark Donaldson, president of the Stuntmen’s Association of Motion Pictures approached Action Factory presenting the opportunity  to be apart of a time magazine story focusing on the Stunt Industries progression and innovation.

Action Factory was asked to be a part of a Time Magazine story focusing on the Stunt Industries progression and innovation. We were happy to show Time a demonstration of  “Naked Burn” Skin gel, developed and manufactured by Action Factory. What better way demonstrate this, but to light Action Factory’s Joe Ross’s face on fire!



Devil May Call

Devil May Call

Action Factory’s Joe Ross coordinated this horror thriller staring Tyler Mane, Corri English, and Traci Lords. Keep an eye out for release in 2013.

AF’s Jayson Dumenigo with Peewee Piemonte

AF’s Jayson Dumenigo with Peewee Piemonte

Action Factory’s Joe Ross and Damien Bray set Jayson Dumenigo on fire for this months issue of Emmy Magazine featuring an article for two time Emmy Award winning Stunt Coordinator Peewee Piemonte. In Newsstands and available online now.
FreddieW’s R/C Car Chase

FreddieW’s R/C Car Chase

FreddieW’s R/C Car Chase Featuring Rob Dydrek & “Big Black”

Action Factory’s Polaris Tracking Vehicles shot the car chase for Internet superstar FreddieW’s “The Greatest R/C Car Chase Ever”. Rob Dyrdek, Christopher “Big Black” Boykin, Need for Speed, and Pacific Coast Hobby were all apart this creative and intricate project.

Check out Action Factory’s Joe Ross behind the scenes.


Bear Grylls On Fire

Editors of OUTSIDE magazine trusted Action Factory to light up survivalist and TV host Bear Grylls for the cover shot of their September issue.

Joe Ross lead the A.F. team. According to Joe, Bear has what it takes to make it in the stunt business if he ever wanted to make the switch.

“We set him up several times, some small and a couple bigger burns. He was calm and cool the whole time”

In news stands now… grab a copy and check it out.

Action Factory Rehearsal Facility

The New Action Factory Rehearsal Facility located just minutes away from Disney Ranch and Santa Clarita studios in the heart of the Santa Clarita Valley. Rehearse… Shoot a Pre-Vis… Get your M.O.S. inserts… Or do a full Green Screen flight. The AF venue has a full truss grid for your flying /wire work requirements and all the gear you’ll need on site. Save time! Save Money! And boost your creative out put.
Give Action Factory a call for pricing and availability – 1-877-STUNT4U or 661-251-3555

→ Click here to visit the Action Factory’s YouTube Channel.

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ESPN Commercial for LG Spectrum – Cheerleader

Stunt Coordinated by Eric Linden, the Action Factory Team brings the “You’ve never seen this!” to the new commercial for the LG Spectrum, starring Stuart Scott of ESPN.

You’ve Never Seen This! ESPN Commercial

Here is the second spot Alley – Oop, Stunt Coordinated by Eric Linden… The Action Factory Team brings the “You’ve never seen this!” to the new commercial for the LG Spectrum, starring Stuart Scott of ESPN.

Foster The People

Action Factory’s latest project release is Foster the people’s “Don’t Stop” video. Campy, colorful,and filled with slap stick driving stunts. Action Factory is proud to have been apart of such a fun production.

Implementing the actual band members in the sequences was priority for the videos two directors. The end result was that much of the vehicle work shown was safe and effective with as much footage of the actual cast as possible. Putting the audience in the seat next to the band members is the Action Factory difference.


Emmy award winning Stunt coordinator  Pee Wee Piemonte invites Action Factory to fire it up in the TNT hit show ‘Southland” …

Keep an eye out for the  show and check your local schedule for show times.



Action Factory at Diamond In The Raw

Action Factory Set A Woman On Fire For Diamond In The Raw Stuntwomen Awards…

Thank you to Diamond in the Raw for having Action Factory!! It was a great show and the burn by Megan Taylor went great. Hope to have more to share on this soon 🙂

Here is a pic of Megan presenting the award!


Jay-Z / Kayne West Music Video – Action Factory

Action Factory got to handle the car stunts on the new Jay-Z and Kayne West music video for Otis, off their new album Watch the Throne… Check out the video directed by Spike Jonze.

Guinness World Record: OFFICIAL!!

Action Factory makes World Record headlines. Using Action Factory stunt products, Jayson Dumenigo was able to officially break the Guinness World Record for “Longest duration full body burn without oxygen”.  With a time of 5 minutes 25 seconds, Jayson shattered the old record by 40 seconds. The link below is a local papers report of Jayson’s World Record.



Mike and Molly and Action Factory

Mike and Molly and Action Factory

Helping to deliver big laughs on ABC’s hit show “Mike and Molly”.

Now in it’s second season  Action Factory was trusted from the start to over see the shows physical antics. Weather it’s lighting Mike ( Billy Gardell) on fire, or hanging him from the roof tops producers are comfortable knowing the AF team can keep things safe, and fresh.Keep an eye out for upcoming AF gags.



More Action Factory and Freddiew coming at you with Bodycount. This may seem random at first, but this is yet another tie-in for a video game demo. This video dropped at the same time as the Bodycount demo on Xbox Live, clever viral marketing.

We had a blast making this video, as always excellent job to the Freddiew camp and thanks for having the AF Team out!

Action Factory Fire on KTLA Morning News

Action Factory Fire on KTLA Morning News

Action Factory Fire on KTLA Morning News. Speaking about the importance of productions making films in Los Angeles. Also showing the difference in fire gels that are offered in the industry.

action factory ktla news

Cowboys and FreddieW (ft. Jon Favreau)

The Action Factory Team goes to the Old West for “Cowboys and FreddieW (ft. Jon Favreau)” … Super cool viral marketing video for Cowboys and Aliens, directed by Jon Favreau who is also the man behind Ironman. This monster video has already cleared 1 Million hits in one day.

It was a terrific day, big thanks to Freddiew and Jon Favreau for having us out!!

Behind the Scenes – Cowboys and FreddieW

Behind the Scenes – Cowboys and FreddieW

Behind the Scenes of Cowboys and FreddieW (ft Jon Favreau)… Check out how Action Factory pulled off some of the stunts. Plus awesome interview with Jon Favreau, who was down there acting all day… Absolute pro this guy is, obviously… but was so up for everything and down to earth, it was a pleasure to behold!! Heavy weight director, who seemed like a bro you could have grown up with 🙂

Action Factory in NYC for The Dictator

Action Factory was invited to New York City to work on the new Sasha Baron Cohen project “The Dictator”.  In addition to being stunt performers the AF Team was trusted to light up a few of the films stars. AF also tackled the task of 16 burn set ups in one day!! Everyone involved was great and a pleasure to work with… Scheduled to be released in theaters May 11, 2012, be sure to keep an eye out for this wild film.