Action Factory Lights Kimmel on Fire

Action Factory Lights Kimmel on Fire

As of May 20th, 2011, Action Factory can add Jimmy Kimmel to the list with Nick Cage, Alfred Molina, and a hand full of other stars that the major studios and insurance companies have trusted to allow Action Factory to light on fire. Action Factory was contacted to create “Bob’s Blend” fire gel. Science Bob is a repeating guest on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. As “friends” of Science Bob, Action Factory designed and oversaw a gel specifically for Bob. This gel allowed Bob to “Dip and drip” Jimmy Kimmel, then light his arm on fire for about 11 seconds before hitting him with a Co2 fire extinguisher. Take a look at Bob’s YouTube link here to see the clip of Jimmy’s show.

Longest Body Burn in the World!!

Longest Body Burn in the World!!

We say that we sell the best fire gear on the market and last night we proved it…

During a TEST last night in Santa Clarita, CA, Jayson Dumenigo broke the world record by burning continuously and fully engulfed with no oxygen for 5 min and 26 sec. Under Guinness guidelines and using standard fuel. An article will be in Wed. addition of “The Signal”… Thank you to everyone that came out to the event!!

Action Factory Pro Store

Action Factory Pro Store

Action Factory Pro Store provides the latest developed technologies for the stunt community. Our Motto reads… “For professionals by professionals”.

Action Factory not only sells the products it has developed but uses the products on the service side. The same product that we use on set are now available to stunt professionals everywhere. We are slowly building our store with new items on a regular basis. Our goal, with the support of the community is to make available the most advanced products using the latest technology.

The Pro store is not just for Fire related item.  Coming soon you will be able to purchase stunt gear like Crash pads, Port-a-pits, and thin advanced foam products such as Ensolite. We are able to accommodate custom requests and build the product that will best fit your needs.

Action Factory is well on it’s way to becoming the number one source for everything a stunt person needs to be at the top of their game.

Thank you to all that support us!

Freddie Wong on Fire

Action Factory had the chance to work with Freddie Wong, Champion Guitar Hero player and super talented Director / VFX Master. However in the video Freddiew takes to the practical side of FX with the help of the AF Fire Gel.

Make sure to check out Freddie’s YouTube channel:

Nuclear Cowboyz

Action Factory team went to Lakeland, FL to train members of the Nuclear Cowboyz. Two riders are set on fire to do SuperCross style back flips a blaze… More updates on this project soon. Check out the video to see what the Nuclear Cowboyz are all about and get a peek at the fire flips!!
Check them out at:

Action Factory at Scream Awards 2010

The Action Factory Stunt Team was tapped to burn a vampire at the stake for the Scream Awards 2010. Stella Angelova was the girl burning, while rock icon Marilyn Manson presented the award for Best TV Show.

Check out the video from a fan in the crowd. This video is quickly going viral making its way across the web as seen over at “One stunt in particular involves Marilyn Manson coming on stage while a hot girl vampire burns on a stake.

I’m talking no fire suit people! It’s freaking awesome looking. Her whole body is engulfed in flames and magically she lives.” Updated with video footage from actual show.

Gator Attack!!

Action Factory stunt rigging made this alligator attack come to life… Here is test footage where a stuntman fights with a ghost gator.